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Become a catalyst for change: Women in Finance West Coast 2019: a note from the producer

December 13, 2018 | Lucy Cottle, Conference Producer


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The Women in Finance World Series has demonstrated that success requires unwavering commitment from all leaders in financial services, in order to move towards parity. As a collective group, we can raise our voices and ensure that those with influence listen. So, do you want to be heard? 

Women in Finance West Coast is the latest chapter in a global story hosted by Maddox Events to push for progress in this vital industry. 

Why should you attend this event? 

Women in Finance West Coast is a catalyst for change. A gathering that is solely dedicated to empowering individuals, and driving the conversation on diversity and inclusion to the top of everybody’s agendas. Are you ready to join the tour de force? 

The Financial Services sector is one of the largest and most important industries in the US, yet the representation of women in the higher echelons is shocking. Studies conducted by the Harvard Business School paint a bleak picture: among senior roles in venture capital and private equity, women hold just 9% and 6% of the positions. Only 12% of the CEOs of large US Financial firms are women.

We all have an active role to play in the progression of the finance industry. Women in Finance West Coast will provide insight and expertise on how we can make a positive and significant impact, push for progress and ultimately change the state of play for future generations. 

Following our extensive research identifying the core challenges of the finance community working on the West Coast, we’ve created an event that will truly reflect your needs. 

Through this event, you will become an integral part of the movement challenging traditions. Plus, you’ll be empowered with the skills, knowledge and connections needed to get those feet off the sticky floor and smash through the glass ceiling!

Are you ready to turn a moment into a movement? 

Lucy Cottle

Producer of Women in Finance World Series

Women in Finance West Coast is coming to the USA in 2020. Click below to find out more about our other events.

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