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European Women in Finance 2018: Five sessions and what you'll learn from them

November 9, 2018 | D Cody

European Women in Finance 2018 - Speakers Sessions Key Learnings

This year we're bringing our groundbreaking Women in Finance World Series to Amsterdam. After a sell-out Women of the Square Mile conference in London in February, we're coming to Europe to help inspire women leading the way in the banking and finance sector.

Over 2 days, we'll be bringing a whole host of inspiring talks, networking opportunities and practical hands-on workshops to our attendees.

We talked to five of our speakers from the upcoming event to discuss what they'll be presenting, and what attendees will learn from their session.

Take a look at the previews of these sessions below:

European Women in Finance returns for 2019. To request a brochure, click here.

Leonique van Houwelingen - CEO @ The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV

'What can I do? – Taking Responsibility for Shaping the Future'


Day 1 - Main Plenary

I will be addressing the conference hoping to build support and awareness for what I believe are the two biggest problems facing the financial services industry the moment: sentiment and diversity. The banking sector and the wider financial services industry still has an image problem ten years after the banking crisis.

Contributing to the image problem is the lack of diversity at the top of banks and I will be increasing my visibility to prove to young women that they can strive to reach the top of a global bank. In part this needs women to be more ambitious, demand the right compensation and constantly challenge themselves; leaders operate outside the comfort zone. We desperately need more role models, both female and male, to help change the view of financial services and in turn build a more diverse industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Signing a charter or being on a list isn’t enough. Diversity in the workplace is not just a tick box exercise, there is a real business imperative to deliver it.
  • Women must be more ambitious and stand up to take responsibility for proving that this is not just an industry of middle-aged white men.
  • We desperately need role models – female and male role models – to prove that financial services is open to all


Joanna Goodman - Founder @ Imagetalks

Workshop: 'Business Body Language'

Joanna Polak-Goodman

Day 1 - Personal & Career Development

My session is a practical workshop about revealing how others see you. In business, the impact your presence has on other people matters—a lot. And presence is not just about what you say. There’s surprising science behind the fact that non-verbal cues have an enormous impact on the way people see and respond to you. Your personal impact can prove the difference between moving to the next level in your career, or winning a new client - or not.

Optimizing your personal impact for a given situation is key to overcoming gender bias and thereby unleashing your earning power. In ‘Business Body Language’ I will reveal the key tools of non-verbal communication and the importance of alignment of your image with your intention. This is a fun and interactive workshop where you will be exploring the key body language stances and discover what you can achieve by expanding your gesture patterns.

Key takeways:

  • The non-verbal communication ‘tool box’ and the importance of achieving a congruent image
  • The 5 key body language gestures and discover your default gesture
  • Learn to read the non-verbal signs you are receiving from others and adjust your presence accordingly


Sophie Javary - Head of Corporate Finance EMEA @ BNP Paribas

'Leaders – Born or Bred?' 


Day 2 - Personal & Career Development

Sophie’s Javary Session, ‘Leaders - born or bred’, focuses on a debate which has risen for years and which continues to this day to be alive and of utmost importance in business or in politics.


Key takeaways:

  • Leadership in business can be developed: what are the best tips?
  • Learn how to build successful and positive leadership skills in a world of disruption and globalization
  • Practical tools for women: models for women leadership and how to breed it with girls


Veronica Augustsson, former CEO @ Cinnober

'How Will Technology Truly Impact the Future of Banking & Finance?' 

Veronica Augustsson_Cinnober

Day 2 - Main Plenary

In my session, ‘How Will Technology Truly Impact the Future of Banking & Finance?’, I will take you on a journey of how technology has impacted our industry in the past and how it might come to impact our industry in the future. We will look at the driving forces and the impact that this new world will have on us humans.

We will look at how the financial ecosystem could look like if we were to design it today using tomorrow's technology for the next generations of digital nomads.

Key takeaways:

  • Technology have always been the number one factor for disruption
  • The speed of the development is the only difference
  • Science fiction is now science fact


Corinne Worsley - Director @ CSW Coaching

Workshop: 'Cure Your People Pleasing'


Day 1 - Personal & Career Development

Cure your people pleasing is a fun yet insightful look at how we as women often find ourselves living our lives according to everyone else's agenda, often to the detriment of our own desires, career and life aspirations and ultimate happiness.

Once we're aware of our unhealthy people pleasing patterns we can take back control of our lives and live in alignment with who we truly are and what we truly desire in life.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover your people pleasing patterns 
  • Understand why you people please
  • Learn practical strategies to help you stop people pleasing straight away