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Women in Finance Australia - A Note from the Producer

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After the huge success of Women of The Square Mile in February 2018, where we welcomed over 400 attendees, pushed for progress in the banking and finance sector and saw women (and men) really engaging with the gender diversity conversation, I am thrilled to be bringing this event to down under to Sydney, Australia. 

Women in Finance Australia looks set to be another catalyst for change, empowering individuals and assisting companies in reshaping their culture. The event takes place on 6th and 7th September 2018 at the ICC, Sydney.

Why are we holding this event?

52% of all employees in the financial and insurance services industries are female. Yet there is a huge gap between genders at board and executive level. Only 7% of Chief Executives were female in 2017. To get onto a board, statistics show you have a better chance simply if you are named David, Peter or John. 

An article published in the Sydney Morning Herald towards the end of 2017 revealed that there are just 11 female CEOs on the ASX 200, and 41 of the nation's largest companies don't have a woman on their executive leadership, confirming that men still hold the majority (79 per cent) of roles in ASX 200 executive leadership.  

Too few women get to the top – but why? What can we do to try to get more women into leadership? Just talking about the issues isn’t going to get us anywhere, we need to assess the solutions, take action and move the conversation from why to how.


We have to show aspiring women that senior management isn't just a ‘man’s job’. Studies show that women are leaving their jobs because the culture isn’t right. This needs to change. Diversity should no longer be considered a ‘toxic’ issue within Australia. It is one thing having a policy in place, but quite another putting it into practice.

So, the question remains – is the financial services industry doing enough, in terms of taking a ‘holistic’ approach to retaining high calibre female talent, and nurturing them whilst they navigate through challenges that, in some cases, are unique to them?

We all have to play an active role in the progression of the finance industry and take responsibility. Women in Finance Australia will provide insight and expertise on how we can make a positive and significant impact, push for progress and ultimately be a catalyst for change.

Individuals need to be empowered, and the industry needs to be reshaped in terms of diversity. Through this event, we will give you the inspiration and encouragement to take this movement further into the workplace and to provide you with opportunities for strengthening it.

What to expect

We want all attendees to be inspired by industry leaders, and by attending this event, you will help contribute in making a step to ensure that gender diversity is achieved within your organisation, and consequently the banking and finance sector. You will hear from successful women in finance about how to get into the boardroom, the importance of inclusive leadership, disrupting bias within the corporate blokes club and how to tackle the mid-career conflict, to name a few.

You will leave this event feeling empowered to encourage all other women within the industry to stand firm, and make young women not think twice about joining the industry. All of this whilst meeting like-minded individuals in a lonely male-dominated sector.

I am thrilled to have Elizabeth Bradford, COO of HSBC Australia who will be talking about the need to embrace your feminine qualities and stay true to yourself. Too often women are told that we cannot be female-orientated to be successful, so we suppress a big part of our female energy. We need to honour and acknowledge our differences. More importantly, we as women need to recognise that we have a feminine energy and embrace it.

Other highlights include Jenefer Stewart, Head of Business Banking at ANZ who will discuss the idea of investing in other women and ways that we can fix the ‘leaky’ talent pipe. Is it a case of needing more role models within the industry? Jenefer will explore the reasons why women are dropping out at the mid-tier and what can be done to plug the pipe.

This conference is not just about gender diversity and inclusion, we will also provide hands-on, interactive content that will provide solutions to daily challenges and what women (and men) really want in order to push for change within the workplace.

Be part of it 

Join our vibrant community, broaden your connections and share advice! 

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