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Permanent TSB is a provider of retail financial services in the Irish domestic banking market with over 1 million customers. Permanent TSB is an equal opportunities employer committed to creating a professional environment in which employees feel valued, included and empowered to succeed in their career, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, background or life experiences.

Permanent TSB’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy includes eight strategic areas of focus and proposes a structured approach to deliver a shift in both mind-set and process. This will be achieved through assigning accountability, measuring success and eliminating bias, in both people and processes.

Permanent TSB is also a member of the 30% Club, a group of c.200 Chairs and CEOs committed to better gender balance at all levels of their organisations. The Club’s focus is on gaining visible and practical support for gender balance from business leaders in private,
public, state, local and multinational companies as well as other interested groups.

In 2018, the Bank joined Triple FS, a new initiative in the Irish Financial Services market supporting gender balance at the senior level. Triple FS stands for ‘Females Fast Forward in Financial Services’ and supports the growth in Financial Services that could be created by increasing gender balance at senior levels of an organisation. It includes a mentoring programme that aims to match high potential women with senior leaders in the sector.