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Watch our highlights from London 2018

Who should attend


If you are: 

…working in financial services in a mid to senior level role…

…struggling to get your voice heard…

…ready to thrive in a male-dominated environment…

…wanting to redefine the conventional pathway to success…

 Are you ready?


Challenge the status quo

Learn from empowering women, allies and champions that are pushing for progress within the world of finance.


You’ll hear practical insight, personal stories and critical discussions on how to retain women, keep the pipeline going and get more women to the top.

Meet Like-minded People

Meet Like-minded People

Join a lively and friendly community of people working in finance, from all corners of the industry. This is a fantastic chance to broaden your connections, create opportunities, share advice and build close relationships.

Get ahead of the curve

Get Ahead of the Curve

Engage with the latest developments impacting the sector and driving it forward. Whether it’s digital transformation, green finance, fintech or the start-up scene, you will discover how to keep your organisation ahead of it all.

Fuel Your Growth

Fuel Your Growth

Be bold. Step outside of your comfort zone and realise your potential. Be inspired by stories from women who have smashed their glass ceiling (both internally and externally) and learn from their successes.

Repaint the Industry Image

Repaint the Industry Image

Understand the best practices for creating a truly inclusive company culture and workforce. Get involved with challenging discussions that are helping to change the face of the industry and the future of work for the next generation. Realise that the gender gap is both a challenge and an opportunity.